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Change Your Life

Fitness is a lifestyle, not just a hobby. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest extent, and being able to do the things we like to do without worry.

We all have areas that we struggle in. When it comes to fitness, we strive for that ultimate body image. We set goals, and sometimes come up short. It’s ok to struggle. The bar has to be set high, to challenge your body and your mind. Don’t give up on your health, your body will thank you!


Come out and challenge yourself!!!

*****The Fall Creek Boot Camp will be temporarily suspended during the holidays! Our last boot camp will be November 15th, 2013. We plan to resume at the start of the new year in 2014!! Come back for updates.***

Fall Creek now has a boot camp will begin to help you reach your fitness goals and challenge your body! Do you want to get the most out of your time and money and have fun while doing it? My boot camp will push you further, and greatly enhance your fitness ability.  Your level of fitness doesn’t matter, as long as you are out there, you are making a difference to your body, and you are changing your life for the better!  Come join us!!

What is my boot camp about?

The term bootcamp in synonymous with the military, intense training for 10 weeks or so, pushing the mental and physical limits of your body. This is the method we will follow, except it won’t be for 10 weeks! We will be continually adjusting, changing, and challenging your body, including high intensity cardio, multi-muscular anaerobic/plyometric exercises, isometric poses similar to yoga, and even fight training!

Come out and challenge yourself, challenge your health and see what you CAN do!

Boot Camp Schedule

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

5:15am for 45 minutes


$15 per class or $150 for 12 classes



At the parking lot next to the tennis courts.

7930 Fall Creek Bend, Humble, TX  77396


 How to sign up:

1) Select amount of classes you wish to take. If this is your first class, you can skip this step!

NO REFUNDS! You can choose to use your classes however you like.

Class Options

2) Review, sign, and submit the Health Waiver Form.

3) Fill out and complete the Boot Camp Contact Form.

Then all you’ll need to bring to class is a mat, water and a towel!